All-County Exhibit: Frequently Asked Questions

I. Eligibility:

Q - Who is eligible to nominate students for the All-County Art Exhibit?
A – Any art teacher who is employed in a district where their school art administrator or designated art liaison holds a current membership in the Art Supervisors Association for 2017-18.
Q – What is the deadline for ASA membership?
A – While any administrator or art liaison may join at any time during the year, district memberships must be paid in full by the end of the day on November 1st to be eligible to enter students in the art exhibit.
Q – How do I receive the membership information and invoice?
A – In August, an email containing all of the information was sent to all school art administrators or district art liaisons.
Also, the information is available on the Art Supervisors Association website at
Q – Does the nominating school art teacher also have to be a member? A – No, as long as the district has a paid membership
Q - Who do I check with to insure I hold a membership?
A – Treasurer, Ben Wiley, documents paid memberships. His contact information can be found on the website.


II. Nomination of Students:

Q – Where do my art teachers go to nominate their students?
A – They Go to the Art Supervisors Association website and find the “dropdown” – All-County Exhibit. Then, they go to “Nomination of Students.” Once here, click on the Solochair link, choose “Directions”, which will take you through the entire process, step by step. This includes the securing of a password (if they are new), retrieving a password (if forgotten), the nomination steps and how to edit their information.
Q – Is there anything that would keep me or my teachers from navigating through the nomination process?
A – Yes. Before the teachers start the process, IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY CHANGES IN STAFF FROM LAST YEAR, you must email all of your adds/deletes (names and Email addresses) to Phil Grusenmeyer at
Q – How many students can each teacher nominate?
A – Three, but please insure your teacher list them in PRIORITY order from best (their first student) to least best (the third student); in case ASA can only select two per district.
Q – Once a student is selected, are there any substitutions?
A – No
Q – Any important nominating tips for my teachers?
A – Yes, buildings with multiple art staff members should insure that they are not nominating the same students.
Q – When is the nomination process open to all eligible teachers?
A – December 11, 2017
Q – When will it close to teachers?
A – Midnight on January 8, 2018
Q – When is it open to all art administrators for their review and approval?
A – January 10, 2018
Q – When will it close to the art administrators?
A – Midnight on January 22, 2018, when you hit the “submit” button.
Q – During the nomination process, will the teachers and I be able to edit our submissions? A – Yes, during each of your specified segments, you will be able to adjust your submissions.


III. Nomination of Scholarship Winners:

Q – How many scholarships does each district get?
A – One per high school provided they have a paid membership representing each building. (Example – East Meadow has 2 high schools / East Meadow HS and Clarke HS. To get two scholarships, the East Meadow schools must hold two paid ASA memberships in the district. If they only had one paid membership – they would have to pick only one scholarship winner between their two buildings.)
Q – What are the eligibility requirements for the scholarship winner?
A – The scholarship winner, which YOU are selecting, must be a senior, nominated as an All-County artist in the first or second slot of a teacher (not the third – in case the 3rd choices are not included) on Solochair.
Q – Where on Solochair do you designate them as the scholarship winner?
A – After entering a student’s name, if they are your scholarship winner, the teacher will need to check off the “scholarship box” and list the student’s home address for a future congratulatory mailing by ASA. Please note, art administrators/art
liaisons WILL ALSO have to forward a hard copy of a scholarship form to our
Scholarship Coordinator.


IV. Billing:

Q – Will I get an invoice for the students in my district being selected?
A – Invoices will be printed by you, the Art Supervisor, from the SoloChair website, the week following the close of Solochair to all administrators.
Q – What is the cost per student?
A – $20.00 This is BOCES aidable
Q – When is payment due?
A – Your district check or P.O. is due no later than March 1, 2018
Q – Who will receive my All-County payment?
A – Ben Wiley – The ASA Treasurer, listed on the All-County invoice, or on the Art Supervisor’s website in the dropdown – “Executive Board.”
Q – Why is the All-County invoice so important?
A – In addition to being used to pay your bill, THIS DOCUMENT WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO LIST ANY SPELLING CORRECTIONS OF STUDENT NAMES. Remember, after this point, incorrect spellings of student names will be permanently listed in the program, the scholarship plaque (if it is a scholarship winner) and their certificate.
Q – Does this mean there will be NO other Opportunities FOR CORRECTIONS?
A – Yes


V. Preparation of Student Work:

Q –Are there specific guidelines for preparing the student work?
A – Yes, detailed guidelines were forwarded to each art administrator / art liaison in the Call for Entries brochure and are also available on the Art Supervisors Association website under the Dropdown – “All County Exhibit”, then to “Preparation of Entries.”
Note: Work must be two-dimensional flat work, no relief work accepted. (NO feathers, googly-eyes, foam pieces, glitter, etc.) No stretched canvass accepted.
Q – What happens if the submitted work does not follow the ASA guidelines?
A – At the “drop-off”, the submitting teacher will have all of their work accepted for exhibition for 2017-18 school year. However, that individual teacher will not be eligible to submit work for the 2018-19 school year, as they will incur a one-year suspension. Keep in mind, any teacher facing a suspension may appeal the decision in writing, 14 days after receiving the notification of the suspension.


VI. The All-County Exhibit Location:

Q – Where will all of the All-County Art activities take place?
A – Roosevelt Hall, Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY

VII. DroppingoffStudentWork:

Q – When is the drop-off of All-County work?
A – Friday, March 23, 2018 from 1-5 p.m.
Q – Where is the drop-off?
A – Roosevelt Hall, Room 111, at Farmingdale State College

VIII. The Show Installation:

Q – When will the show be installed in Roosevelt Hall?
A – Saturday morning, March 24th.
Volunteers can sign up to assist on SoloChair at the time of registration. Every participating district is required to have a minimum of one person volunteer for the “Installation” committee. Other committees include “Receiving” and “Post-Exhibition.” These committees are listed and can be signed up for on Solochair.


IX. The Scholarship Award Ceremony:

Q – When is the Senior Scholarship ceremony held??
A – Sunday, March 25th at 11:00 a.m. in the Auditorium adjacent to the entrance lobby of Roosevelt Hall. All recipients must arrive by 10:15 am and sign in with the ASA registration official.


X. The Exhibit:

Q – What are the hours of the exhibit?
A– 12:00 Noon – 4:00 PM



XI. The Picking Up of Work:

Q – What is the pick-up/retrieval procedure for the art work?
A – Once the ballroom is cleared of all visitors at the conclusion of the Exhibit, designated school administrators and/or teachers will be permitted to remove and take their districts artwork from approx. 4:00-4:20. It is expected that all artwork will be taken at this time by the art supervisor or designated art teacher for each district. There will be no Monday pick up this year.


2017 ASA Exhibit Photos