All-County Exhibit: Procedure for Approving ASA Artwork and Scholarship Recipients
  1. Log onto (you will not be able to complete this without supervisory permission - check with: if there is an issue).

  2. Scan down the page, under events. Find the row for Art Supervisors (there may be more than one row).

  3. Under the column “My Entries” open the link for “District Entries”

  4. Under Supervisory Tools – Open “Edit” just under the Senior Scholarship line.

  5. For each entry: verify the student’s name (correct spelling, as well as proper order of last name and first name), the grade, school, and teacher.

  6. In the left column, titled “Supervisor Approval,” click the small square to approve that entry and a check will appear. Do this for all entries that you approve.

  7. In the “Senior Scholarship” column (second from the left) – click the circle to select the one senior who will receive the Senior Scholarship for your high school.

  8. Provide the “Senior Scholarship” student’s home address, in that same row, in the third column from the right.

  9. When completely satisfied that all information is correct, finalize your entries by clicking on the “Submit” button on the bottom left side of the page.




2018 ASA Exhibit Photos